When it comes to finding a business to help you with your requirements, we unknowingly place a ton of value on the web design of the websites we visit. The web design plays a major role in the customers' decision to use you as a company, as well as the ability to keep the customers to come back.

Think about the last five or so things you have purchased or needed services on. Was it done based on logic? Your car was out of petrol, so you fill up. You where hungry, so you bought food. Or did you buy something to treat yourself? This is done through emotion, you simply felt like buying it.

There are two sides in the buying decision, the rational and the psychological. Buying rationale can involve economics, risk, strategic fit, compliance and politics. Buying psychological can involve hopes and fears, emotions and ego, experiences and expectations, attitudes and beliefs, behaviours and styles and social and political.

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But, regardless if an individual purchases something out of necessity or desire, their emotions will always play a role in their purchasing decision in one way or another, and your web design is important to trigger the right emotions, as logic can often take a backseat when it comes to purchasing a product or service. Your web design must make your customer feel good.

Increase engagement and conversion with persuasive web design. It is the process of designing products or marketing materials in a way that positively influences your visitors and persuades them to take a specific action. How to implement persuasive web design depends heavily on what you have to offer. There are five core principles to persuasive web design.

1. Clear information - the modern consumer wants to know what your website is all about, more than anything else. Within seconds of landing on our website, your visitor should understand who you are, what value you provide and why they should care. Anything more and you risk losing them from the get-go.

2. Visual Appeal - this is secondary to clarity of copy simply because providing clear information is necessary to keep visitors engaged and moving forward in their decision. With that said, visual appeal is what hooks them in the first place.

3. Strong visual hierarchy - this is the practice of making the element you want visitors to engage with the most to stand out above anything else. There are a few simple ways you can add visual hierarchy to your web design, eg. making certain elements of your site larger and more detailed. You can also use colour, or you can simply use whitespace to make your target elements "pop".

4. Attention-grabbing and keeping - you want your visitors to become so engaged with your site that for the duration of their stay, they completely forget everything else around them. The main thing to keep in mind is that your web design needs to give visitors an experience, make it memorable.

5. Singular focus - every single page of your website should exist for one reason. Your pages should not pull visitors in more than one direction. Whatever you want your visitors to do on a certain page, that's what you should focus their attention on. This does not mean that everything else on the page is unimportant, everything else on the page should serve the client to direct a visitor to take the specific action you want them to take.

Web design your site with your audience in mind. Understand your target audience's behaviours and expectations. It is important to know how your visitor ended up on your website, this information can provide you with valuable insight into the mindset of your visitors when they arrive. Survey or interview current customers to determine why they came to your site in the first place, how they rate their experience on the site and if they have suggestions or improvements. You can't please everyone so don't follow client suggestions blindly, use them to gain an understanding of what the may need and want.

So simply put, web design matters. If your web design is an afterthought, you are missing out on a ton of business.

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