the importance of branding

Branding is one, if not the most important aspect of any business, whether it is a start-up, small, large or retail business. A good Branding strategy gives you the edge in the ever-increasing competitive market. What does Branding mean? It means "your brand is your promise to your customer". It tells them what they can expect from your services, what makes you different from your competitors. The foundation of your Branding is your logo, then your website and from there all your promotional materials.

Your branding strategy is how, what, where, when an to whom you plan on advertising your company to. Consistent, strategic branding leads to strong brand equity, which adds value to your company's products or services. The added value intrinsic to brand equity frequently comes in the form of perceived quality or emotional attachment.

Defining your brand is a journey, it can be difficult, time-consuming, uncomfortable and costs you money. But branding at the very least requires the following:
What is your company's mission?
What are the benefits and features of your products or services?
What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?
What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?

Do your research and learn the needs and desires of your current and new customers, don't rely on what you think they think, know what they think.

Defining your branding and developing a strategy can be complex, consider asking the expertise of a company that specializes in brand strategy. Once you have defined your brand, how do you get the word out? Here are a few simple steps to take:
- Get a great logo and place it everywhere.
- Write down your brand messaging. The key message you want to communicate to your customers is very important and your employees must be aware of your brand attributes
- Integrate your brand and extends to every aspect of your business. This includes how you answer your phones, what you or your sales-people wear, your e-mail signature. Basically, everything
- Create a voice for your company that reflects your brand. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in all visual marketing, both online and offline.
- Create a company corporate identity. Use the same colour scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. You don't have to go all out, you must just be consistent.
- Be true to your brand. Customers won't refer you to someone or come back to you if you don't deliver on your promise.

Do you need to talk to someone of all your Branding requirements? At Gotfunk we have trained account managers who can assist you from your logo, all the way through to your website and online advertising.

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