A Logo is to your business as a face is to you. A Logo is the best marketing tool you have at your disposal. It is the part of your business that makes you instantly recognisable. The unique design, colours, special elements and overall look tell your customers and competitors what you stand for. All this cannot be overlooked and need to be taken seriously. At Gotfunk, we have the most Affordable Logo Design In South Africa

Here are some signs your business needs a new Logo Design

Your Logo Is On-Trend - Twenty Years Ago

To put it simply, your logo is outdated. This isn't a case of a trendy vintage logo, which is a  legitimate design choice, this is a  case of a logo design looking neglected and well-worn that it might as well have dust on it. There is a reason why successful companies invest in branding and give their logos a new look. It realigns with the companies mission statement, ensures that it still fits the companies personality and it gives the design a new and fresh look.

Your Logo Doesn't Fit Your Brand Or Re-Brand

Your logo is an ambassador for your brand. It is generally the first thing people see and it says a lot of who you are and what you offer. If your companies personality is a professional company, you do not want a cute hand-drawn picture with a daisy. The vital point of choosing a logo that fits your brand is to enable connectivity with the viewer.

Your Logo Doesn't Communicate Your Message
Lack of communication is a problem for many companies, and this needs to happen on every level in your business. Your logo is the first communication with your business. Your logo's message should show who you are, what you offer, why they should choose your services. If your logo doesn't show the right message or doesn't even speak at all, all the above opportunities are lost. This can be seen directly or indirectly with a font choice, colour choice and other logo elements.

Your Logo Font It Hard To Read
Many logos are word marks, letter marks and a combination of marks that include a typeface of some kind. But is this is difficult to read, then it isn't doing your logo any services.

Your Logo Colours Aren't Effective
Another way of communicating a message through a logo is through the main colour you choose. There is a lot of research on psychology and colours as certain colour trigger certain moods. Blue tends to be calming, soothing and communicates trustworthiness, where red is enlivening, a call to action, which is why you see many red logos in the food and drink industry.

Learn more on when to know your logo needs a rebrand on our next article. Remember Gotfunk does an Affordable Logo Design In South Africa

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