Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website that is on page 3 or 4 of a search result, and never grows in rank, is not an investment in your business. A website should be treated as a marketing tool and one marketing strategy one needs to use is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO is an ongoing process that needs to be done consistently and diligently to your website in order for your rank to build the search engine. This includes finding keywords that relate to your business and using them to optimise content, building backlinks, crafting social media presence, improving the load time of your website as well as other smaller technical tweaks

Google Ads

In our world with constant access to the internet through cell phones, laptops, tvs and even fridges, people are searching for their desired product or service on the web before they make a purchase or decision. We help you by capturing these potential clients through Google Ads. Google Ads fulfils an important role in the future growth of your business.

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