Are you a Print Agency or a Graphic Designer?

Our print reseller programme has been designed for print agencies and graphic designers to have the opportunity to resell printed material at market-related prices. Once you register as a reseller with our low monthly fee, all our print products, including promotional gifts and clothing will be quoted at discounted rates. 

At Gotfunk we have always strived to have the lowest prices available to everyone, but we want to give the opportunity to other designers and agencies to have better rates.

We ensure that our name is not packaged with any of your products so that you can supply your clients as if the product has come from you! 

Get in contact us today to find out more and what type of discounts you can expect! It varies from product to product, the more unique the final product, the more you will save!

Why Wait? Contact Us Today!

We have various ways you can get in contact with us. We want the entire process with us to be as easy as possible. You will be allocated an Account Manager who will work be with you until the project has been completed. The more information you are able to supply us from the beginning, the more efficiantly we can help

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Contact us on 012 998 3647 in business hours during the week and we will assist you with a smile.




Email and phone calls are not always possible, so message us on 060 349 4956 with any queries.


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