Gotfunk is a business cards printing company in Pretoria. At Gotfunk, because we understand that business cards are a perfect reflection of the culture and professionalism in your business, we offer 1 on 1 design session with our clients . with our 1 on 1 sessions we ensure that our designs incorporate your company’s culture and what you stand for in your business cards. As a business cards printing company in Pretoria, it is our priority to ensure that every business is a unique to each business.

We provide affordable startup packages for start-up businesses, making our business card packages “business cards specials” all year round.

At Gotfunk, we care about your business and that’s why your business cards are our business.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella under which online marketing exists. Gotfunk specializes in SEO which is a digital marketing solution aimed at increasing your visibility and availability of your company information on Search engines Eg: Google

We have a team of dedicated Digital Marketing strategists, who put much of their time into assessing your target market, analysing your past marketing mistakes and reaching your marketing objectives.

We make use of online performance tracking tools to constantly track the performance of your strategy and the growth of your online business.

contact us to today to grow your business online.

Gotfunk has been in the advertising and printing industry for more than 14 years, we have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering high-quality design solutions with certified Graphic Designers Pretoria based to assist with your brand.

Our creative designers have the art and skills of combining text, symbols and pictures in various forms of advertising materials, they can design almost anything you would like to print.

Contact us on 012 998 3647 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of Graphic Designers Pretoria based will assist and advise you with all you may require.

Corporate gifts are often used by many companies. The reason is that gifts are one of the best tools a company has to create a successful business. Gifts provide many positive outcomes for a company, with very little chance of any drawbacks.

Corporate business gifts can be used as a way of thanking customers or employees, to promote a product, or to woo a potential client or customer. The type of gift is only limited to your imagination. The more creative the gift, the greater the impact it will have.

For example, when you are meeting a client or customer for the first time, gifts that are unique or of a personal nature tend to have the best effect. And will make sure that the first impression is a meaningful and lasting one. It establishes a bond with your company and the customer.

They will be more loyal because they feel a personal connection with your company. As for potential clients, letting them know you value them and their business goes a long way in creating a profitable corporate relationship.

Here at Gotfunk, we provide a wide variety of Corporate Gifts Pretoria based to suit your every need regardless of the type of industry you operate in. Contact Gotfunk today for more information regarding our Corporate Gifts Pretoria based on 012 998 3647 and we will gladly assist you.

Here at Gotfunk, we offer unique Business Cards Pretoria based which will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Our spot cards are unlike normal business cards. Our spot varnish cards are very upmarket and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with A-grade paper and stunning UV finishes.

You are more than welcome to see samples, just give us a ring. We offer our spot varnish Business Cards Pretoria based at the lowest rates in town!

Contact Gotfunk today on 012 998 3647 and we will gladly assist you with all the design and printing requirement you may need.

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