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The design process had evolved tremendously with the continuous digitalization in our world today. But just because these processes have changed over the years, doesn't mean Graphic Designers aren't still using traditional Graphic Design tools, like pencil and paper.

Most Graphic Designers use a hybrid process that includes both traditional and digital technologies. It's common for designers to start the design process by sketching out concepts with traditional Graphic Design tools before hitting the ground running on the computer for finalization. Many designers start directly on computers using Graphic Design software. These tools have enhanced the creative process by allowing designers to explore ideas and achieve designs more quickly rather than completely hand-rendering designs.

Types of Graphic Design

Over time, Graphic Design has become pretty multifaceted. The overall concept is composed of different fields and specializations. Here are some of the most common types of Graphic Design.

Corporate Design - Corporate Design has to do with the visual identity of a company. Any visual elements that make up a brands identity, such as a brand's logo, can be associated with corporate design. This type of Graphic Design is used in brand marketing to communicate brand values through images, shapes and colour.

Marketing and Advertising Design - Probably one of the most widely known types of Graphic Design: marketing and advertising. When most people think of Graphic Design, they are most likely thinking of marketing and advertising design. Social media graphics, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, email marketing templates, content marketing - these are all examples of this widely used type of Graphic Design.

Publication Design - Publication design traditionally refers to the print medium, but again, with the constant digitalization of our generation, it has crossed over to digital publishing. Publication designers need to work closely with editors and publishers to ensure layouts, typography and illustrations are tastefully combined producing the best possible result. Examples of this type of Graphic Design is Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines and eBooks

Environmental Design - This type of Graphic Design is commonly overlooked. Environmental Graphic Design is the use of visual elements in environments to connect people to those places. The purpose of environmental design is to improve people's experiences in those places. Architecture, Road Signs, Signage, Event Spaces and Wall Murals are all examples of this type of Graphic Design.

Packaging Design - When you buy a new product, it most likely has some form of packaging or visual elements such as a label, sticker or wrapping that is used to prepare the product for distribution or sale. It's crucial that these designers are aware of current trends within the marketplace to ensure successful product marketing.

Motion Design - Motion Graphic Design is a subset of Graphic Design and it is exactly what it sounds like, graphics in motion. This can include animation, video games, apps, GIFs, website features etc. This is still a new area in Graphic design as technological advancements have allowed designers to explore new mediums.

Web Design - While web design isn't necessarily a type of Graphic Design, but Graphic Design is one element of web design. Web designers must consider and combine a variety of the design elements, such as layout, images and typography to create a user-friendly, pleasant front-end experience.

Years ago, chances are anytime anyone was talking about design, they were most likely referring to Graphic Design, but with the digital world we live in today, filled with interactive screens and devices, that idea has changed a bit. It has introduced different kinds of design that can often be confusing for those outside the design industry.

Join us in our next article to learn more about UX/UI Design and what it means to be a designer in general.

graphic design

graphic design

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