Gotfunk - Our History

Gotfunk has been in the industry since 2001, and we specialize in various printed marketing materials, website design and graphic designing.

Gotfunk specializes in all branding solutions for all new and growing businesses, and we have account managers who service our bigger established clients. We believe that no matter how big or small your company is, we assist each business with their individual needs.

Despite being situated in Pretoria, we can cater for clients throughout South Africa.

Gotfunk - Our Goals

At Gotfunk, we work to ensure that all our clients have a great experience with us, that we can provide a wide variety of products, services and prices and while all this is happening, we are still seeking to find new and better solutions to our clients marketing needs.

Gotfunk Training Programme

We train Developers and Graphic Designers the correct skills in the Web, Print and Design industry. This training helps our designers and developers build the correct skills for the industry to assist clients on the best possible services.

Empowering our Employees

93% of qualified graphic designers leave the industry for higher paying careers. As a result, leaving what they love and were destined to do. We would like to empower our designers to take back the business they love.

Better systems

We are creating systems that works for our customers to simplify the design, development and printing process so that you have more time to grow your business.

Gotfunk - Our Promise To You

Gotfunk is about great customer service, pride in out work and products and passionate about everything we do.

We are known for our great prices, consistent quality and great service. Keeping in touch with our clients is very important to us. Ensuring you leave with a smile and keep that smile throughout our services is our commitment to you.


To deliver quality services and printing to all our customers, nationally.

Customer ROI

To optimize our customers marketing spend for better return on investment on their Marketing Budget


We strive to get the best balance between price, product and services without losing any quality.

Join thousands of happy business owners who find our marketing the best in South Africa

Companies advertise their services for low prices, but then you tend to get low quality work. Then there are companies who are very expensive, but you are most likely to get good quality services, but few people are able to afford this...

At Gotfunk, we have found the perfect balance between affordable prices and great quality products and services. We have researched the market to ensure our clients get the best quality for their money.